There are lots of mistakes you will make on your journey to conquering the Internet marketing business, but there is one mistake you must NEVER make. And that is to forget that the person you are attempting to sell to is a human being with struggles and needs and must be approached gently. Let me give you an example.

Not many moon ago, I had spend many hours searching the Internet in an attempt to discover THAT ONE INTERNET COMPANY; that one Internet company that would be worth investing in. Was it going to one of the big players like Wealth Masters International or Carbon Copy Pro or a minor player that was on the upswing? I finally found a company that piqued my interest and invested some money into it. I was incredibly excited and couldn’t wait to get a call from my sponsor to get me on the road to success.

A few days later, my sponsor called INTERNET FOR BUSINESS  me in the evening. He was getting ready for another conference call and only had a few minutes to chat with me. The conversation went something like this.

Sponsor: “Congratulations Hal. Welcome to the team.”
Me: Thanks. I’ve got some questions for you.”
Sponsor: “I only have a few minutes Hal, but give it your best shot.”

I proceeded to share with him some of my questions and concerns about the company. I had been scammed before and was still a little skeptical. The conversation went sour very quickly.

Sponsor: “I hear you Hal. I can feel your concerns. BUT if you really believed in this company and your dreams, you would invest at a higher level.”
Me: “I’d love to invest more, but I only have a certain amount I can invest right now.”
Sponsor: “I hear you Hal, BUT if you really believed in yourself, you’d come in at a higher level so you can make faster commissions.”
Me: “I don’t think you understand. I do believe in the company. That’s why I’m willing to take a chance and invest the amount I am investing.”
Sponsor: Yeah, but Hal. Do not really believe? When you start marketing our product people will hear your unbelief in your voice.”

To say the least, I was astounded, aghast, and bewildered by what my sponsor was saying. He was equating money with belief. He was turning me against the company I had invested in before I had a chance to start. He was hard selling me…a stupid thing to do to a college professor who teaches communication and leadership at two universities. I’d finally had it and blew a small gasket.

Me: “Listen, if you’re not willing to help me at my level to be successful in this company, I’ll need to find another sponsor. Do we understand each other?”
Sponsor: “Okay, okay, I just want to make sure you understand the importance of believing in yourself and your product.”
Me: “No, that’s not what you’re doing. You are hard selling me so you can put another notch in your belt. So make your decision. Help me or I find someone else.”

He said he’d help me and quickly excused himself to the next conference call.

If you are reading this article, you are probably either interested in Internet marketing or have already started your home-based business. Do you think my sponsor was right or wrong in his approach to me? Would you have tried to hard sell me so I would have invested more, thus putting more cash in your pocket?

I can tell you this with all certainty: his approach was all wrong. He did not listen to my concerns and did not put himself in my shoes. He pushed instead of pondering my personal challenges. He wanted revenue instead of relationship.

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