Phuket attracts international football teams

Phuket attracts international football teams

[Inter Football] The goalkeeper is no longer a fugitive position. It is an important position in contemporary soccer, but we do not know about the goalkeeper. So ‘Inter Football’ was ready. ‘Legend’ Choi In-young, who opened the era of goalkeepers’ goalkeepers and the star player of the first soccer game in Korea soccer history, tells the story of different soccer. [Edit] Frequently

At the end of the national team game, each of the representatives returns to the league where they are in the game. Soccer relay broadcasting centered on overseas players are attracted to soccer fans in Korea, and there are hundreds of thousands of people watching live broadcasts on the internet. I think this relay is watching not only general football fans but also youth soccer players and domestic professional soccer players.

If you watch a football game because you like sports in general, you can watch it while enjoying it but if you are aiming for a professional soccer player or a national representative in the future, you should watch the game while thinking about what to learn while watching the game.

Especially, it will be able to see the most in the four major leagues of Europe (England EPL, Spain Larijah, German Bundesliga, Italy Celia A). Once in Europe, each league has a certain level in each league.

The English Premier League requires a lot of conditions for Korean players to advance. Only a proven athlete can advance into the game, as it is important to have a national career experience as well as a business trip time. Overall, the Premier League needs speed with a strong stamina.

 Even if you look at the contents of the game, it is difficult for the top teams to go from attack to defense through buildup because they are pressing from the front. The middle and lower teams have a simple attack type by long ball in defense, and if they look at the goal, the goal success rate by the set play such as header, free kick and corner kick is high.

Other teams in Spain, Germany and Italy each have a slightly different style of football, so there are teams that are suitable for Korean players and there are teams that are difficult to advance.

The Spanish league is a league that needs a strong stamina after a defensive attack and a fast attack, and an offensive player is also involved in defense.

The German league can be considered as one of the best conditions for Korean soccer players to enter. If you combine speed and improvisation, there is a high probability of survival in the German can visit this site for more knowledge 해외축구중계.

In the K-League, there are a lot of players who are going to Europe or South American players and fail. It is the case that you have not watched Korean soccer and can not adapt. 

The K-League is a struggle in the midfield, and the defense is tough, and there are plenty of games with a lot of catching up to the end. It is also the K league that many opportunities come when the opponent is suppressed in the midfield.

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