How to Maintain Mental Health during McGraw Hill Exams

How to Maintain Mental Health during McGraw Hill Exams

Exams are generally a stressful period of time and it is possible for one to lose their mind.   If you are mentally unstable during this time, you risk performing poorly in your exams. You may be aware of the content but unable to put it down or your anxiety leads you to forget things. In order for you to stay calm and mentally stable when undertaking your McGraw Hill exams, we recommend that you try out the following tips.  They may not all work for you but most of them are tried and tested making them very effective.

  1. Controlled breathing

Try to concentrate on your breathing so as to remain calm. Take slow deep breaths and try holding it in as much as you can. These breathing exercises allow you to practice mindful meditation. You are able to sooth your mind and shut out all other noises that may be a distraction for you. The goal in doing these breathing exercises is to make sure that you are making intentional concentration on what is happening around you and control what you want in and out. Meditation can be done in several ways such as talking out loud or writing down your feelings so as to de-clutter your mind.  After doing this for a while, you are able to actively think of what you need to do in a more calm state making you better prepared for your McGraw Hill exams.

  1. Relax your body

At times it is good to listen to your body. Sometimes your body is shutting down and you do not even know it. This is likely to reflect on your mind making you stressed. Try relaxing your body by doing soothing exercises such as yoga. You can also include soothing music to calm your mind down. You can either join a yoga class or practice using books or watch homemade videos. You are able to release any tension that you may be experiencing by relaxing your muscles. Other activities you can engage in that will relax your body include taking a walk. Slowly walking enables you to refresh your muscles and ease the tension. You can also get a massage in order to release the tension in your muscle tissues. When the body is feeling good, the mind is also in a healthy place.

  1. Get enough rest

As much as it is great to work hard, it is also important to get much deserved rest. All work with no rest is likely to become redundant. Your mind needs rest as well so as to process all your thoughts and organize them in a systematic manner that will enable retrieval when the time comes. When you rest, you are also relaxing your muscles and rebuilding your energy for your next activities. If you are having problems getting sleep or enough sleep, you can try taking a drink before you sleep so as to help you calm down your nerves. Once your muscles start to relax, your body also gets the signal and slowly starts to shut down allowing you to rest. This is a good method to help you maintain your mental health during your McGraw Hill exams.

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